What I dream of.


It’s funny what comes up in random chats with your beloved.

The other night my wife and I got talking on the couch and the topic of what we dream of doing/being came up organically. Super deep I know.

She shared her amazing dream (which I won’t share on here because I’d need permission – sorry) and I shared mine… interesting how the simplest prompt from someone you trust can open up the doors of inspiration.

Ideals became dreams, and dreams became actions – that’s what chats like these do. They remove your blinkers and reveal what makes you unique. Noone else has your specific dream. It’s because it’s beginnings have only been birthed in one heart. Yours.

Sharing our dreams is one of the most important things we can do. Once they’re out in the open, they are given life. The more they are spoken about and detailed, they generate momentum. And as momentum builds, doubt falls away and anything becomes possible. It’s important for us to share these moments.

And to finish – my dream?

I dream of leading a place where any person who is broken in any way can be healed. 24/7. Physically, financially, mentally or spiritually – people can find healing, compassion, hope – where if they’ve lost their dream – they can dream again.

That’s what I dream of. You’re next…



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3 responses to “What I dream of.

  1. Really inspirational, Jesse. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cory

    Our dreams reflect the fullness or emptiness of our hearts….yours (judging by your dream) is full! God Bless!

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