Speak Up Man! The World’s Waiting on You.

Kid-President-900-600I’ve just started this whole blogging thing – and  one thing I’ve learnt so far has just astounded me.

On my Twitter and Facebook I share a lot of other people’s content – content that I rate. I wouldn’t share it otherwise.

But when I look at the stats (or analytics for the digital natives) it’s MY content amoungst this other great stuff I share, that is getting significantly more attention.

This doesn’t cause me to puff my chest out or get arrogant, but it does present a huge lesson for all of us.

Anyone with an online profile: the world far prefers to hear what you have to say before sharing on someone else’s gems. However good other people’s online stuff is, people want to know how YOU see the world – yes YOU. They’re intrigued to see what you see and feel what you feel.

They want to know you beyond your photos of sunsets and places you’ve travelled to in the past year (speaking to myself, huge culprit). They want to know you beyond the one-line gags and memes you forward (even though these are funny lol). People want to know how you see the world differently – and they want to see it with you.

So be encouraged that the world awaits you. They’re waiting to hear what you have to say.


P.S Love you Kid President.

Photo credit: http://ryanseacrest.com



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4 responses to “Speak Up Man! The World’s Waiting on You.

  1. So true! It’s important to use our own voice sometimes instead of point to another’s. We all have something to say!

  2. Sean Gautusa

    I agree…..unless you’ve got a big mouth with an opinion to match…..like me!! LOL

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