Online Marketers and Organisations: Don’t Be ‘that guy’.

steve-1The best party’s I’ve been to are the ones where guests sub-consciously understand and play by the party’s rules.

Rules like – we’re here for fun. We’re here to hangout. We’re here to get away from the mundane day-to-day and enjoy ourselves, spend time with our friends, see what happens.

These sorts of rules frame 99% of social settings – enjoyment, the opportunity to relax and the ability to just ‘be’.

Unfortunately this is something that is lost on a lot of online marketers  and organisations wanting to make their mark in the social media world. It’s their lack of sensitivity in the space and for a lot of organisations their ‘corporateness’ that causes them to fail. Badly.

Social media is like a party. People are there for different reasons but primarily the general public are there to have fun, lighten up and spend time with trusted friends who they know won’t shove their agendas down their throat.

At parties, it’s those who come across as having strong agendas that are the ‘annoying ones’ – they cause people’s eyes to glaze over and then ultimately to look for other groups of people who are lighter, and there to have a good time.

Social media is a place for friendships, for a laugh, to be entertained. So tip for online marketers and organisations: laugh with people, be entertained – and as the friendship grows and conversations deepen you may get an invitation to speak. And when you do – be ready.

When it’s your turn to speak don’t be pushy, be charming. Be attractive. Be warm. The pushy guys generally lose out at a shindig, and same goes in the online world. It’s the guys who share cool, fresh stuff in conversations and tell great stories about the difference they’re making in the world through their work that normally get invited to tell their stories again. And again. And again.

So online marketers and anyone who wants to succeed in the social media space – it may be time to look at social media through different eyes. Don’t forget that social media is like a party. Don’t be ‘that guy’. Play by the rules.

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