7 Reasons Why New Zealand is the ‘Bestidest’ Country in the World

anaura-bay-is-a-beautiful-place-for-a-holiday-gisborne-new-zealand+12876276759-tpfil02aw-18318My name is Jesse.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and grew up in Onehunga and then Orakei. I am married to the beautiful Jennifer Jayne. My mum is Abigail Boyce, and my dad is John Kaafi. My mountain is Maungakiekie. My river is Wairoa River in Auckland.

I have always loved New Zealand – Aotearoa is home.

For us that live here, we know our land holds something special – but for those that don’t, there is a large misunderstanding of why Kiwis have such an affection for our homeland.

So for those who don’t know much about New Zealand or for ex-pats missing the place they’ve forsaken for this season in their lives, here are 7 reasons (or reminders) of why New Zealand, Aotearoa, is the ‘bestidest’ country in the world.

7 Reasons Why New Zealand is the ‘Bestidest’ Country in the World

1. Because in New Zealand, New Zealanders know what ‘Bestidest’ means

Here we have our own lingo. The real Kiwis understand it, the rest of the world wonder what the heck we’re talking about. ‘Bestidest’ means ‘whatever you said, but better than that’ and was a word we used or heard at primary school, along with ‘meanest’, ‘oosh’ and depending on where in New Zealand you’re from ‘ow-fulla-baye’. There’s plenty more lingo where that came from – but that’s just a taste.

2. Because to New Zealanders, the start of this post means more to us than just an introduction

In New Zealand, we believe that you are not just you. You are a part of something much bigger than yourself. You are a product of those who came before you and you’re closely connected to the land that’s around you. We don’t always introduce ourselves like this but knowing this is important to us.

3. Because in New Zealand, the people are ‘too much’

The other day on my walk to work I stopped and had a conversation with a stranger about the glorious weather and day ahead overlooking the Wellington waters from one of our mountains just by the CBD. Those conversations happen a lot. The people here are friendly and we look out for each other. That’s our people.

4. Because in New Zealand, we have the most gorgeous country in the world – bar none

I’ve done my share of travelling, but New Zealand is God’s country. Our whole country is a coastline, lined with glorious beaches and bays and in-land we’re surrounded by gorgeous mountains, lakes, rivers and bush. Summer’s here are about more than the weather – its about connecting with our land and connecting with our people. Hard to match that in any other part of the world.

5. Because in New Zealand bombs are a good thing

Here in New Zealand, whoever does the meanest bombs is the King of the river, lake, waterhole or pool they just did their bomb in. A bomb is jumping into water and trying to make a ‘meeean’ splash. To us it signifies fun, artistry and relief from the sun, not what other countries think bombs are. I think other countries have got it wrong.

6. Because in New Zealand, lifestyle is king

In New Zealand, we place a high level of importance on lifestyle. All kiwis know that in December and January, our country pretty much shuts down. We’re all at the beach, in bachs, down at the river and spending time with family and friends. This is who we are.

7. Because to New Zealanders, Aotearoa will always be home

All points here have their outliers, but the majority of our people know exactly where they want their life journey to lead to – ultimately back home – where the land is plentiful – where the lifestyle can’t be matched – and ultimately where our heart is.

So that’s just 7 of the many reasons why Aotearoa is the best country on the planet. This is why all us Kiwis love coming home.

This is why New Zealand is the ‘bestidest’ country in the world.

Bring on summer.

P.S. If you think of other reasons why Aotearoa is the bestidest, keen to know your thoughts. Chur



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10 responses to “7 Reasons Why New Zealand is the ‘Bestidest’ Country in the World

  1. R

    I think Aotearoa is the best Country in the World, because I wasn’t born here, but I don’t ever want to leave to go ‘home’ to my place of birth and live there again. My Heart and my Soul and my being belong to this land.
    I get goosebumps when I watch Haka, my eyes tear up when I hear karanga. I FEEL I am a New Zealander.

  2. Rel

    Just a few years spent in this country. But the distance between me and Nz is making me to love it more and more, hope it will welcome me when I visit it soon(dont know when). LoveNZ

  3. …because in New Zealand we have the ‘aaaaahh’ factor. Stop anywhere, just gaze out at the countryside and involuntarily you say ‘Aaaaahh!” it just is.
    Thanks Jesse.

  4. James

    And one thing that is cool about NZ, is that still, even with the undeniable inequality we have here, there are things you can do here for little cost compared to overseas. Example: sailing. In most of the world, a rich man’s sport. Here in NZ, many people of moderate means can get a small boat and sail with the family on the weekends. Example: skiing. A jet-set sport overseas. Here it’s something you do whenever the weather looks good. Hell, you can even hitch up there. Nobody cares if you are in old parka and overtrou. Example: golf. Try joining a “country club” in the USA, who could afford that? Compare to green fees here in NZ. It goes on and on. It’s not just the beaches and tramping and fishing. They all add up to an amazing lifestyle. All so accessible to the cities. OK, so housing is out of control in Auckland. But for the rest of us in Godzone, the liffestyle is still great.

  5. Paulina

    My biggest dream is visit New Zealand but i don´t know when !!! i realy want !

  6. ron

    I have lived here for the last 38 of my 64 years and loved every minute, even the not so good times were better here than anywhere else. Our home is Wellington but have spent the last 6 years traveling all over this beautiful land and still find plenty to be amazed about. Even occasionally going back to Wellington fills me with delight. I endorse and identify with the above comments even the goosebumps and the tears.

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