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7 Reasons Why New Zealand is the ‘Bestidest’ Country in the World

anaura-bay-is-a-beautiful-place-for-a-holiday-gisborne-new-zealand+12876276759-tpfil02aw-18318My name is Jesse.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and grew up in Onehunga and then Orakei. I am married to the beautiful Jennifer Jayne. My mum is Abigail Boyce, and my dad is John Kaafi. My mountain is Maungakiekie. My river is Wairoa River in Auckland.

I have always loved New Zealand – Aotearoa is home.

For us that live here, we know our land holds something special – but for those that don’t, there is a large misunderstanding of why Kiwis have such an affection for our homeland.

So for those who don’t know much about New Zealand or for ex-pats missing the place they’ve forsaken for this season in their lives, here are 7 reasons (or reminders) of why New Zealand, Aotearoa, is the ‘bestidest’ country in the world.

7 Reasons Why New Zealand is the ‘Bestidest’ Country in the World

1. Because in New Zealand, New Zealanders know what ‘Bestidest’ means

Here we have our own lingo. The real Kiwis understand it, the rest of the world wonder what the heck we’re talking about. ‘Bestidest’ means ‘whatever you said, but better than that’ and was a word we used or heard at primary school, along with ‘meanest’, ‘oosh’ and depending on where in New Zealand you’re from ‘ow-fulla-baye’. There’s plenty more lingo where that came from – but that’s just a taste.

2. Because to New Zealanders, the start of this post means more to us than just an introduction

In New Zealand, we believe that you are not just you. You are a part of something much bigger than yourself. You are a product of those who came before you and you’re closely connected to the land that’s around you. We don’t always introduce ourselves like this but knowing this is important to us.

3. Because in New Zealand, the people are ‘too much’

The other day on my walk to work I stopped and had a conversation with a stranger about the glorious weather and day ahead overlooking the Wellington waters from one of our mountains just by the CBD. Those conversations happen a lot. The people here are friendly and we look out for each other. That’s our people.

4. Because in New Zealand, we have the most gorgeous country in the world – bar none

I’ve done my share of travelling, but New Zealand is God’s country. Our whole country is a coastline, lined with glorious beaches and bays and in-land we’re surrounded by gorgeous mountains, lakes, rivers and bush. Summer’s here are about more than the weather – its about connecting with our land and connecting with our people. Hard to match that in any other part of the world.

5. Because in New Zealand bombs are a good thing

Here in New Zealand, whoever does the meanest bombs is the King of the river, lake, waterhole or pool they just did their bomb in. A bomb is jumping into water and trying to make a ‘meeean’ splash. To us it signifies fun, artistry and relief from the sun, not what other countries think bombs are. I think other countries have got it wrong.

6. Because in New Zealand, lifestyle is king

In New Zealand, we place a high level of importance on lifestyle. All kiwis know that in December and January, our country pretty much shuts down. We’re all at the beach, in bachs, down at the river and spending time with family and friends. This is who we are.

7. Because to New Zealanders, Aotearoa will always be home

All points here have their outliers, but the majority of our people know exactly where they want their life journey to lead to – ultimately back home – where the land is plentiful – where the lifestyle can’t be matched – and ultimately where our heart is.

So that’s just 7 of the many reasons why Aotearoa is the best country on the planet. This is why all us Kiwis love coming home.

This is why New Zealand is the ‘bestidest’ country in the world.

Bring on summer.

P.S. If you think of other reasons why Aotearoa is the bestidest, keen to know your thoughts. Chur



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I Eat Breakfast Listening to Hip-Hop.


There’s a place in Welly (Wellington, New Zealand) I used to love having breakfast. What made them different is what kept me coming back.

Their eggs were always golden, orange juice freshly squeezed – but that’s not what kept my coffee card clipped.

It was the fact that they played their Hip-Hop at 7am – LOUD.

All your favourites too – from old school bangers from Slick Rick and Eric B & Rakim to the more familiar 90s hits from Naughty by Nature, Biggie and pre-Hey Ya! Outkast. The vibe there was always electric, their clientele seemingly always satisfied.

I don’t know if it was the food and atmosphere that attracted me or what the place represented to me.

The place was different.

In my eyes, the owners had backed how they saw the breakfast experience should be (with loud, honest, unapologetic NYC street anthems) and as a result engaged a committed tribe who recognised their boldness, and responded with their loyalty.

What these places represent can’t get lost on us.

They tell us exactly what we need to hear. They tell us that everyday things or tasks that may be seemingly mundane to many, are being rethought and then recreated by a few with the courage to expose their imagination.

The world thrives because of people like this – people who help us reimagine the mundane and show us what ‘more extraordinary’ looks like.

The world needs you to be one of these people. There’s parts of your creativity the world has yet to enjoy, admire and show our loyalty to.

The world needs more people, like you, to look at things differently for us. The world needs more people to eat breakfast listening to Hip-hop.

Photo credit: http://www.vectors1.com


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What I dream of.


It’s funny what comes up in random chats with your beloved.

The other night my wife and I got talking on the couch and the topic of what we dream of doing/being came up organically. Super deep I know.

She shared her amazing dream (which I won’t share on here because I’d need permission – sorry) and I shared mine… interesting how the simplest prompt from someone you trust can open up the doors of inspiration.

Ideals became dreams, and dreams became actions – that’s what chats like these do. They remove your blinkers and reveal what makes you unique. Noone else has your specific dream. It’s because it’s beginnings have only been birthed in one heart. Yours.

Sharing our dreams is one of the most important things we can do. Once they’re out in the open, they are given life. The more they are spoken about and detailed, they generate momentum. And as momentum builds, doubt falls away and anything becomes possible. It’s important for us to share these moments.

And to finish – my dream?

I dream of leading a place where any person who is broken in any way can be healed. 24/7. Physically, financially, mentally or spiritually – people can find healing, compassion, hope – where if they’ve lost their dream – they can dream again.

That’s what I dream of. You’re next…


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Jessesworld Blog Rules: Nothing lame

ImageSo this is my first real post. Stoked you’re checking it out.

I thought this would be an opportune time to lay down some ground rules for this blog straight off the bat.

1. If you’re reading my blog – I don’t want you reading something lame. If this is going to take some of you’re valueable time, it better be a worthwhile read – so that’s the goal.

2. I wanna try and stay away from cliche thoughts and angles on topics (if I can help it). People want to hear and think about new ways of seeing the world – a raw perspective – hopefully what I write will give you that, whatever the topic.

3. Lastly, I wanna have fun. Topics I discuss on here will be out of passion for the topic – not hate on opposing views. I will always unashamedly share my position on something – though will also commit to listening and learning as others wanna share theirs.

The big idea of this blog is to share new ways of thinking about things, my vision of the future on different topics and to add value to peoples lives whether it be in a big or small way.

Here’s to the start of this journey:)



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Hello World!

Welcome to Jesse’s world.

Great of you to visit.

Hoping my blog provides you with some inspiration, laughter, entertainment and food for thought on things important to me.

Here’s to a long fun-filled bloglife.




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